Who is to blame?

Its been more than 36 hours since the attack on the Sri Lankan team, they are now safely back home Alhamdulillah. Now that the initial shock has subsided, I have been reading/watching news/analysis on this issue and I am finding the reaction quite sad. Why is everyone pointing finger at someone else?

Sri Lanka itself has a long history of dealing with terrorism and they know how difficult it can get to control such situations. In fact, the whole of South Asia has been a target of militants for quite some time now. But, we as Pakistanis need to find out why nothing, nothing at all, seems to be going right in this country.

The basic problem, in my opinion, is our politics and our corrupt politicians. We have the most corrupt person in the country as our President. The Prime Minister is his puppet and the Parliament is full of clowns. The democratic government of Punjab has been dissolved and Governor rule has been imposed. I am not a fan of Sharif brothers…but they were democratically elected by the people for God’s sake! The judges still havent been reinstated. Once again, I am not a fan of Ch. Iftikhar but if the whole nation wants him to be the CJ, then wats the problem? Just reinstate him! With so much happening, it is just so simple to get things done against Pakistanis…by Pakistanis themselves. People are desperate! They hate the government and are willing to do anything that tarnishes the image of the government even further…which might lead to chaos and might, just might, help in changing the government.

Whatever happened yesterday doesnt seem to be something Taleban/Al-Qaeda would do. It definitely looks a lot like the Mumbai attack but the results were different. Over there, 10 terrorists were able to take the whole city hostage for nearly 3 days, here they did attack but were forced to run away. But I dont call it our victory. We lost. They had the latest weapons and had come with a plan….and they escaped on foot.* We need to muster up the courage and get united, for once, and try to de-weaponize our society.

Finally, I would like to request all of you to send in an email to Mr. Duleep Mendis (CEO of SL Cricket Board) at ceo@srilankacricket.lk and tell him that the whole Pakistani nation is with him, with his team at this hour and that we are ashamed that they had to go through the worst experience of their lives on our soil.

* Watch the video, its so shocking


  1. koi bhe doodh ka dhula nahin. CJ ifkhtikhar bhe nahi but banday me himmat thi k usne ek dictator ko NO kaha jo k usk tamam corrupt decisions ko legalize karwana chahraha thaa. Isi waja se awam me uski izzat hay.

    AQ Khan sahi kahta hay k agar muhsarraf ko awam ma apni maqboliat ka itna he ghumanad hay tu aab para mey usk saath zara ghoomay to lag pata jaye ga k wo kitna maqbool hay aur AQ nay sahi kaha k musharraf ko shayed meri(AQ Khan) ki qameez zaroorat paray kiok awam itna maray gi ki shayed uski kameez ha phat jaye. 🙂

    • i agree with you, no one is good enough but if these people call themselves democratic, then they should respect the ‘awami’ mendate, even if they have chosen the wrong people to represent them…thats all that i ask for and I truly believe that Pakistan still has a lot of potential, the government just needs to somehow give confidence to the people

      • “even if they have chosen the wrong people to represent them”

        that’s why I am against Democracy or western version of democracy. It is not according to Islam either. By current definition of democracy, if a a nation selects a person who goes against Allah’s rules then he should be accepted. This is not what Islam talks about. Islamic version of democracy is quite different.

      • precisely wat i said to Safi’s comment (see below). democracy is flawed, especially for nations like ours. If it works for USA, it doesnt mean it can work for us too

  2. @ Anas
    we must understand that terrorism is a global phenomenon and all countries are having a difficult time coping with it but its high time that we (and by that I mean all South Asians) stop blaming anyone else for the lapses in our security measures. The Mumbai attack and the Lahore attack both could have been avoided. Its just no excuse that hostile nations are making conspiracies against us. Arent people making conspiracies against USA? Arent they safeguarding their people?

    @ safi
    precisely, democracy is not for us. how can u let the people decide, people who are only 20% literate (?). In a system where an intellectual has the same power of one single vote as that of someone who has never been to school and thinks of the feudal lord as god u cannot really choose the best people to hold the highest ranks.

  3. At times like this, I feel so utterly helpless and humiliated… thanks for putting up Mr. Duleep’s email… We can’t fix the situation but at least we can show that we’re with him and his countrymen.

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