Just another random post

Right now, I just had some random stuff to share with everyone.

To start off, here’s something which I received as a forwarding from an old friend. Safi this one’s for you đŸ˜‰

1. Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the People gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella…


2. When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her…


3.Every night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next Morning but still we set the alarms in our watch to wake up…


4. We plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future or having any certainty of uncertainties…


5. We see the world suffering. We know there is every possibility of same or similar things happening to us. But still we get married??…


Movie Recommendation


A lil old, two years to be precise but for me its something which I didnt even know about till just a few days back. It’s  an intelligent  movie with mesmerizing performance by Don Cheadle (Samir) who plays a quite, devout Sudanese-American muslim snatched early in the movie for having ties with a terrorist organization. The best thing about the movie is that it stays away from racial/religious stereotyping and very clearly shows how the so called ‘jihadists’ are actually damaging Islam.

Green Zone

Wont say much about it, its an angry film and Matt Damon does a good job enacting the role of a US army officer who wants to do more than just follow the commands. So as not to add any plot spoilers, all Id say about the movie is about how power-hungry politicians would maneuver any situation to keep themselves in power. Might not have done too well at the box office (perhaps cuz at times it starts to feel like a documentary) but the movie is very well made.

Dear John

Sweet and romantic. Its a story of a handsome, polite young army officer and a beautiful girl whose love gets tested when they stay apart because of the war on terror. The whole movie rests on a very thin plot but it works because of the great chemistry between the lead characters. I would have appreciated if the ending was better thought of but over all it was a nice chick-flick.

Shutter Island

Loved it to say the least. A dark and creepy psychological thriller which may not work for everyone, especially those who want to see action packed or sci-fi thrillers. But it surely works for people who look for a strong storyline, great performances, the director’s vision about their favorite book and dont mind watching really long movies: well over two hours. This is one of the few movies with story adapted from a book that didnt really let me down. I just hope the ending was better portrayed, it leaves the people, even those who have read the book, a bit confused and asking for more explanation. In a nutshell, its a technically sound movie with a very carefully constructed plot and the type of performance that you expect from an actor of the caliber of Leonardo di Caprio.

And the Biggest Surprise!

I never imagined, not even in my wildest dream, I could ever like Arif Lohar, but this one really rocks. Or perhaps its just the team at Coke Studio that has made this version so awesome. Btw, the girl, Meesha Shafi, is Saba Hameed’s daughter and lead singer for the band, ‘Overload.’ She has an amazingly strong voice to say the least.



My blog is the most depressing place on earth right now….or so it seems so I just thought id do something which I was supposed to do a bit earlier and is not as depressing. I am not taking a break from the Schism series, there will still be a new post every 2-3 days at least for now but this was something I promised AD ages ago.


The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of liking. You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five lovely people to be the next ones to take this quiz.

Favorite Words:

  1. Absolutely (although I know everything is merely relative)
  2. DUH
  3. Urgh
  4. Sweet (I know most guys hate to be called that đŸ˜› )
  5. Hai Rabba (does that count as a word?)

Favorite characters (Fiction):

  1. Tinkerbell (Yea, I know I am not a 3 year old đŸ˜› )
  2. The Lone Ranger
  3. Dr Robert Langdon
  4. Long John Silver
  5. Jack Sparrow (Wat? Another pirate!? Wat can I do, childhood fantasies perhaps)

Favorite Movies:

  1. Finding Neverland
  2. Adaptation
  3. The Pianist
  4. Life is Beautiful
  5. Shrek

Favorite Books: This is tough, just 5 fav books!!??

  1. A Time to Kill (have read it more than 20 times)
  2. A Walk to Remember
  3. Digital Fortress
  4. Broken Verses
  5. Call Me Elizabeth: Wife, Mother, Escort

Now I am not tagging anyone cuz I dont know 5 people on the blogosphere who havent done this already đŸ˜›