Mini Spa Day – At Home

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Written by Sumayya Feroz

I’m a working woman and after long, tiring week, I like to treat myself a little with beauty treatments and so I keep trying new products. But to say the least, I like instant results using easy techniques and any product that promises that, gets my instant attention.

A few days ago I randomly bought a face mask from a home based Pakistani online page named Food For Your Face by Fire fly.  I always have pain in the ass type products from online pages but I was willing to give this one a try just for the heck of it.


So I take 1 spoon full of that mask and mix it with chilled milk, mix it until it has a  creamy thick texture as indicated on the instructions leaflet. After applying it evenly on all over my face and neck (Beauty tip: don’t treat your neck like a garbage bin, it needs just as much attention as your face:)), I just relax and wait for it to dry. I really like the tingling effect it gives due to peppermint oil. Now once there is a thick dry layer of mask on my face, I first loosen it with my wet hands then wash it off with plain water. Later, I apply a moisturizer.

Now come to the results, my skin is so fresh and clean and all my room is scented with pepper mint aroma. Most of the time I am so busy that I don’t have time to go to salon so this is the best choice for me and for all lazy couch potatoes. After few applications I am noticing that my nose is mostly cleared up (my nose is otherwise filled with black and white heads).

So this is a Yayyyyy from me for this mask but that same product which someone love might not suit you so choose wisely and always perform a patch test.

You can buy this product from the link below.

Sumayya is a microbiologist, loves experimenting with beauty products and makes sure she looks and feels good even when she is short on time.


Lawn mania in singapore

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If you are anything like me you probably bring the whole year worth of ethnic wear in the yearly trip you make to pakistan. But I must admit the clothes that I bring are given to me as gift from ammi and although I do like what my ammi buys for me, there are times when I want to get some stuff for myself.

With no official outlets of any pakistani designer, the presence of certain ladies with online businesses to sell pakistani latest designer wear is a real blessing. One of them is Madiha’s Clothing.

I met Madiha almost 3 years ago. She is a superwoman to say the least. She is a mum and juggles her business along with all her household chores while looking absolutely stunning at the same time. Buying clothes from her lets you choose from various designers. This lets you not only save money on shipment but also gives you more variety.

Madiha has recently moved to Dubai from Singapore and has expanded her business in Dubai as well. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and her service is beyond awesome.

Here is what she has to say for herself: “Being a mother of four kids when ever I used to go to Pakistan it’s was so busy And hectic that I never used to get time for shopping . Thus I would come back to singapore every time with hardly any new ethnic wear.

So my friends told me to go for the exhibitions which used to be held in singapore to buy latest clothes where I would always end up buying stuff for myself as was always fond of wearing n buying nice n latest collections in clothing .

In the mean time my friend offered me to send clothes to me from Pakistan .
That’s how she started sending me latest collection and I thought of doing a business alike .

We both agreed and this is how
Madiha’s clothing was born in Singapore .

Now we are happy to expand this business in Dubai as well .”

Madiha is very popular among her loyal customers who still prefer to buy from her even though she has moved to Dubai.  Recently one of her customers spoke with me, “There are many sources in Singapore who can supply Pakistani dresses in Singapore but Madiah always stands out due to her premium service. she always takes personal interest in each dress and always open to accommodate late requests in alteration and design. she is prompt in response, reliable in service and great in attitude.”

So, if you would like to support this Mumpreneur, please like and share her page and also perhaps get a few dresses for yourself while you are on the page:

Birthdays made easier :)

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So what do you do when you have two young kids, no culinary skills, no helper, laundry still screaming for attention and your little one has her birthday coming up! You start panicking?

Well, especially yes if you are living in singapore and are on a budget.

This year I decided to celebrate Duaa’s birthday on a budget beside the pool with a few friends of both kids and perhaps 2-3 of my close friends. I wanted something very casual but the cake has to be the most important thing in a birthday party no matter how extravagant or casual the party is. The lady who I have been turning to for the past two years for all our ‘cake’ needs was travelling and that’s when I found out that a friend, Ruqaiya has recently launched her business too. The best thing about her is that she can do all sorts of desserts and you are not limited to cakes only. The next problem was I had only seen pics of her cakes, who did look pretty but I had no idea how they tasted. So, I just trusted her blindly. Or let’s say not exactly blindly because I had already tasted some stuff she had made and it was absolutely amazing to say the least.

Finally I ordered cake pops, cake and cookies from her on snow white theme.

I gave her a few pictures and a few instructions so that she would be free to use her own creativity too. The cake, cake pops and cookies all looked better than the pictures I had given her and the taste was absolutely mouth watering. To top it off her rates are just as good. She didn’t over charge and packed everything with finesse.

It’s hard to believe that she has recently started her business and is just so exceptionally talented . She has been doing various baking and decorating courses to enhance her skills.

This is what she has to say herself, “I am a mother of two daughters (4 and 2) who are crazy about sweets. I am from Pakistan and moved to Singapore couple of years back. I loved baking since I was a student. I actually made my first cake in a pressure cooker:p Looking the shine in my daughters eye as they see the cake gives me push to be more creative and try something different! Over the period, I have experimented with variety of different cakes. I love making decorating cakes with gumpaste, fondant and buttercream. I like the freedom to play with my innovative skills to put the customer’s idea into reality. I am happy to have received very encouraging feedback from my clients so far! My favourite cake so far is the Frozen Castle, which I made for my daughter’s birthday.”

Please visit her Facebook page for more pictures and support her little business to help her nurture her talent.

Sweet indulgence