Bin roye (review) episode 2

Its so simple and yet so beautiful. If you arent watching it, you must start watching it now.

It’s quite clear that irtiza thinks of saba to be ‘just a child’ which is quite evident by the way he behaves with her. However, saba is in her teens and the attention that she gets from irtiza only means one thing for her. She has a major crush on him. Irtiza has gone for higher studies and has met Saman (armeena Rana khan) there. They have become good friends over time and it seems they quite like each other. Irtiza in fact has started to like Saman so much that he decided to go on a trip with Saman and her family rather than visiting Pakistan. Loved the way how saba was preparing for irtiza to come. It was really sweet and I was quite sad along with saba when irtiza decided not to visit.

Mahira khan is a beauty, her acting is flawless but she doesn’t look like a 15 year old. She has made saba look very cute rather than stubborn and irritating. That’s something which only an actress of her statuSame goes for humayon Saeed. He looks great but much older than he is supposed to look. Otherwise the chemistry between the two is just amazing. Armeena Rana khan is beautiful but she needs to work on her acting skills.

The best thing about the drama is how the relationship of all family members is shown. They all look very comfortable with each other, just how families are supposed to be.

Did you watch the second episode of Bin Roye?

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Support Mumpreneur

Hi all,

If you are a mom and an entrepreneur, I  would love to work with you. I will be writing posts reviewing your product or services but as a rule, I will not review your products or services without experiencing them myself as I do not believe in false marketing.

Feel free to contact me for further details.

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Birthdays made easier :)

So what do you do when you have two young kids, no culinary skills, no helper, laundry still screaming for attention and your little one has her birthday coming up! You start panicking?

Well, especially yes if you are living in singapore and are on a budget.

This year I decided to celebrate Duaa’s birthday on a budget beside the pool with a few friends of both kids and perhaps 2-3 of my close friends. I wanted something very casual but the cake has to be the most important thing in a birthday party no matter how extravagant or casual the party is. The lady who I have been turning to for the past two years for all our ‘cake’ needs was travelling and that’s when I found out that a friend, Ruqaiya has recently launched her business too. The best thing about her is that she can do all sorts of desserts and you are not limited to cakes only. The next problem was I had only seen pics of her cakes, who did look pretty but I had no idea how they tasted. So, I just trusted her blindly. Or let’s say not exactly blindly because I had already tasted some stuff she had made and it was absolutely amazing to say the least.

Finally I ordered cake pops, cake and cookies from her on snow white theme.

I gave her a few pictures and a few instructions so that she would be free to use her own creativity too. The cake, cake pops and cookies all looked better than the pictures I had given her and the taste was absolutely mouth watering. To top it off her rates are just as good. She didn’t over charge and packed everything with finesse.

It’s hard to believe that she has recently started her business and is just so exceptionally talented . She has been doing various baking and decorating courses to enhance her skills.

This is what she has to say herself, “I am a mother of two daughters (4 and 2) who are crazy about sweets. I am from Pakistan and moved to Singapore couple of years back. I loved baking since I was a student. I actually made my first cake in a pressure cooker:p Looking the shine in my daughters eye as they see the cake gives me push to be more creative and try something different! Over the period, I have experimented with variety of different cakes. I love making decorating cakes with gumpaste, fondant and buttercream. I like the freedom to play with my innovative skills to put the customer’s idea into reality. I am happy to have received very encouraging feedback from my clients so far! My favourite cake so far is the Frozen Castle, which I made for my daughter’s birthday.”

Please visit her Facebook page for more pictures and support her little business to help her nurture her talent.

Sweet indulgence

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Muqabil (review) Episode 9 – 11

Fahad Mustafa might be a great actor and host but I have always hated the drama serials produced by him. Muqabil is surely changing that opinion of mine about him.

Pareesa is now married to arman and arman is making it clear how smitten he is by her. Pareesa being a victim of child abuse is scared of being touched and she tells arman that they can only stay in the marriage as friends and not like a normal married couple. Arman assumes that Pareesa might have been in love with someone else and that’s why she does not want to be intimate with him. On the other hand, no matter how strong Pareesa tries to pretend to be, she is extremely affected by the way she was violated as a child. Arman, being the good person he tries his best to make Pareesa comfortable with him. Mehmood over hears a conversation between the two of them and finds out the dynamics of their relationship. It makes him feel even more guilty (which of course is not enough). Arman has gained Pareesa’s trust and she realises she has found the perfect partner. She now wants to have a normal relationship with him but she is scarred emotionally. But she does ask arman to leave her and lead a normal life because he deserves better in life. I just loved arman tells her that he will not back off and will stay with her.

I’m in love with this serial. It’s actually my favourite of this season. I love how characters are being developed through out. I really like how Shehnaz has changed over time and has started feeling guilty for things going wrong in Pareesa’s life. Also the way they have shown the caring side of Pareesa is awesome. She might seem aloof and lost in her own world but she knows what is going on in every one’s life.

All the actors are doing great in their respective roles. Mohsin Abbas is a talent power house. Just love his expressions. Kubra khan can be a little monotonous at times but she has still done a better job than most actresses her age. Saba hameed and asif reza mir are natural and I often forget I’m watching a drama while watching their scenes.

I’m loving this serial. Are you watching too?

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Khuda mera bhi hai (review) Episode 8-16

So yea, it’s been rather long and a review was over due. Lot has happened since the last review. 

Mahi could not imagine abandoning her own child and when she told zain she wants to bring the child back, he told her that he would not be a part of this. So Mahi decides to take things in her own hands, packs her bags and goes to her mum’s place. With the help of her friend, Sanam, she brings her child back. Zain disowns him and she decides that it would be best if zain and Mahi went separate ways. Mahi stays with her mum, although still married to zain and starts caring for her child, who she names Noor. She creates a little world for Noor where she thinks Noor will be safe with all the supportive people like her mum, Sanam, zahir (who later marries Sanam against arshi’s wish) and a new friend Mikael (Aly Khan). Mikael becomes Node’s mentor and also gives his name to Noor. Noor proudly calls himself Noor Mikael. Growing up Noor goes through phases where he can’t decide upon his gender roles or other kids bullying him but with a great support system he over comes a lot of it and grows up into a confident young man although his voice and gait is a little different from other men. 

Overall, I love this serial because of the bold and taboo topic.  The performances by all the actors, including Furqan Qureshi, who is playing the character of Noor is beyond awesome. He has even changed his voice and gait to fit the character. The biggest flaw for me is the make up! Why are all the ladies always decked up in make up? And although Noor has grown up, the rest of the characters haven’t aged at all. This needs to be taken care of as its taking away all the charm. 

So how many of you are still watching Khuda mera bhi hai?  

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Muqabil (review) Episode 1-8

Writer : Zafar Mairaj 

Director : Ali Hassan 

Cast :

Kubra Khan, Asif Reza Mir, Mohsin Abbas, Saba Hameed 

When Muqabil started, I was about o leave for Pakistan for a month so I decided not to start watching it, although the presence of asif Reza Mir was enough to make me want to watch it. What was more enticing was the fact that asif Reza Mir is on the title card of the drama too along with Mohsin Abbas and Kubra khan. 

While in pakistan, I didn’t watch Muqabil but heard good things about it. This week I finally binge watched 8 episodes. 

And well, it was worth it. I have fallen in love with it and now I can’t wait for Wednesday as that’s when I will be able to watch it. 

Pareesa (Kubra khan) is the daughter of the very successful Shehnaz (Saba hameed). She is a loner, an introvert and doesn’t seem to be interested in anything in particular except for her plants and her servant’s 10 year old daughter. Shehnaz wants to get her married but Pareesa is not interested in any one. Shehnaz’s assistant, mehmood (asif Reza Mir) keeps suggesting that Shehnaz should now enforce her decision on Pareesa. Finally, Pareesa starts showing interest in arman (Mohsin Abbas)  who is mehmood’s only son. To everyone’s surprise, mehmood is unhappy with this development. Over the years, he has become religious and righteous but here he demands for a separate home as a gift for his son if Pareesa wants to go ahead with the wedding. Arman meets Pareesa and tells her that she must stay with him in his house and she agrees. Mehmood tries every trick in the book to stop the marriage but he fails every time. It turns out that when Pareesa was 10 years old, mehmood had raped her. Since then Pareesa has started to hate everyone around herself including her parents as they were never there for her. But she loathes mehmood the most. And marrying arman is her way of getting back at mehmood. 

So far, the story is gripping and intense . when I found out that Muqabil is about child abuse, I thought it might be like udaari, but the similarity ends there. It’s different in every aspect. 

 Each and every actor is doing justice to their roles. You expect that from actors like asif Reza Mir and Saba hameed but kubra khan and Mohsin Abbas have both pleasantly surprised me. They are both very talented actors and I’m so glad about it. 

I can’t wait for the next episode of Muqabil. What about you? 

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Bin roye (review) Episode 17

And so Bin Roye ends… 

The first episode of Bin Roye got me all excited. I had read the novel but hadn’t seen the movie so I was really looking forward to it. It just had to be too good. 

But it wasn’t. 

Now, it wasn’t actually bad but not as great as I imagined it to be. The wrap up/last episode was a delight to watch as Saba got the happy ending every one had been waiting for but the previous few episodes left a lot to be desired. 

Mahira khan owned the role of Saba. Saba was immature, stubborn and just too real to be a fictional character. Mahira khan’s flawless acting made her a lovable character. Although, if not done right, she would easily have become the anatogonist instead. And, how can someone look so pretty all the time! 

If only mahira khan could have played the role of Saba, only humayon saeed could ensue the charm of irtiza. He can still any girl’s heart skip a beat. Irtiza was calm, loving and very handsome… And humayon saeed made it all look so effortless. 

Bin roye showed us two cousins, irtiza and Saba, both loving each other. But it Irtiza’s love for Saba was completely platonic. However, for Saba, Irtiza was her whole world. She found it impossible to accept he could marry some one else, and she could not even hate his wife. Mahira khan nailed all the scenes where Saba was shown being torn between these emotions. In the heat of the moment she ill wishes her sister and keeps blaming herself for her death a few years later. Unable to forgive herself, she feels disgusted when she finds herself married to Irtiza few years down the lane. Her confession towards the end and how slowly and gradually Irtiza starts loving her as his wife is shown beautifully. 

It’s not very easy to pen down such simple yet beautiful stories. Farhat ishtiaq did it but the director(s)  ruined it by altering the story in unacceptable manner.  The story itself was perfect, it didn’t have to be different from the novel at all. In fact, every thing going against bin roye drama is what had been changed from bin roye ansoo novel. 

For now, let me just be in the hang over of how awesome mahira khan and humayon saeed look togather and wish they would be cast togather in another project really soon. 

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Bin roye (review) Episode 11-16

Back home, back to life, back to normalcy… And back to watching dramas!

So a lot has happened in the last 6 episodes. Saba got married to safeer, the biggest loser in the history of pakistani drama. He did not have guts to inform Saba before they got married but because he is the most honest person on the face of the planet, he confesses about his first marriage. As Saba is angry with herself, she thinks that Allah is punishing her jealousy towards saman. She convinces safeer to keep it a secret from everyone else and promises him that she will stay with his mom in pakistsn like a good sanskari bahu while he can enjoy his American dream with his wife and kids. Safeer ko aur kya chaiye. Sonia jaisi wife aur Saba jaisi naukrani. After a year or so, irtiza seems to be the only person in Saba’s family who starts getting suspicious as to why safeer and Saba are still not living together. After little investigation he finds out that safeer is married. He informs the whole family and Saba’s family gets her divorced. Meanwhile Saba keeps protesting that she wants to stay  married to safeer. After the divorce, rather than taking Saba to a psychiatrist, they marry her off to irtiza (wtf!!). Saba is still angry with irtiza and herself and rather than doing some counselling, irtiza is dragging her around the whole house! It’s rather pathetic that these scenes are being considered by the makers although it can be conveniently considered domestic violence.

All in all, I am disappointed with how the story has been handled. The deviations from the novel have actually worked against the drama. Dadi knew nothing about Saba liking irtiza or her bad dua for saman and that was better for the overall development of the story. Now it doesn’t make any sense why dadi is so clueless over Saba’s reactions. Also, why are Saba’s parents absent all the time..! If zeba bakhtiyar and javed shaikh didn’t have enough time for this project, some other actors should have been signed and their scenes could have been redone. Their absence sticks out like a sore thumb.

From the promos it seems it’s going to be bin roye’s last episode this Sunday… And the torture will end.

So are also still following bin roye?

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