Lets wake up

Its the first time that the Pakistan Day Parade was canceled and I was deeply saddened. The reason that has been given officially is the security threat. Does that mean the security provided to the higher officials of the armed forces and the people on the premier positions is so weak that we cannot even have the Pakistan Day parade anymore? Is the threat actually so huge that we now have to give up all our traditions?

A sad sad day indeed.

Today, I will not wish anyone Happy Pakistan Day because I am not happy with the way things are in Pakistan.Pakistan is the only Islamic Ideological State after Medina which was developed by the Prophet (SAW) himself and lets ponder wat we have done to this great blessing of Allah (SWT). There’s a long way to go and for that we need to wake up and do something ourselves. I pray to Allah (SWT) that He gives us enough strength that we can sacrifice some of our luxuries for this country and do something more than what we are already doing. And that He give us the strength to accept our responsibilities towards Pakistan and be true Pakistanis. And that we do not break rules just because everyone else does too.

I pray to Allah (SWT) that we never ever have a military coup again. And that our democratic leaders become truly democratic. I pray that our judiciary is free of biases and justice is provided without delays. I pray that the feudal system is demolished and education is provided to all.