Singapore – From my eyes II

In the past 5 decades, Singapore has come really far. From a small island expelled from Malaysia in 1965, giving it an unwanted independence, it has become one of the world’s most successful countries in merely 52 years. If you sit and chat with the elderly, they will tell you about slums they used to live in during the earlier years of independence. Today, Singapore has the highest home ownership in the world. Almost 90% of all Singaporeans live in their own homes. A huge success on its own. It has grown from a third world country to a first world country faster than any other in the world.

Tourism is one important factor in the massive economic growth of Singapore. So a country a lot of people did not even know about in the 90s is now one of the favourite tourist spots in the world. It welcomes the fourth largest number of tourists when compared to any other city in the world. Although it has no ‘rich’ history or heritage to boast about as its a new country with no mountains, no desserts and no changing weathers through out the year, nearly every thing had to be built from scratch to attract tourists.

So if you are planning a short trip to a city in Asia, do consider Singapore.

I will be doing a series of posts with a few recommendations of must see/visit places and things to do while here in Singapore, starting with Sentosa.


Because its Sentosa 🙂

I don’t think anyone who visits Singapore leaves out Sentosa. It’s a must!

The itinerary I’m sharing with you will need to 2-3 days. You can stay at one of the hotels at Sentosa for the best experience.

You can reach sentosa in a cable car and start by paying a visit to the mythical 37 meters high majestic Merlion and see for yourself how it safeguards the shores of Singapore as the legend goes.

Then move onto the luge. They claim no one does it once and they are not wrong. We go to sentosa almost every month and we buy a 3-time ticket per visit. Its just a lot of fun.

You can then visit IFly and experience skydiving in a especially designed air tunnel while never really jumping out of an air plane. If you acrophobic like me, this is for you as you would never actually be flying too high up from the ground. 

If you are still not tired and adventurous enough, you can zip across South East Asia’s steepest zip wire, do a treetop obstacle rope course, do wall climbing or a 15 m free fall. And then you can end the day with the majestic light, laser and water show ‘Wings of Time’.

If you are travelling with kids, let the kids spend the day at Kidzania while you can have a snooze at one of the beaches or experience flow boarding at the Wave House. If that’s not enough, there is also The Butterfly and Insect Kingdom to explore the various different kinds of beautiful butterflies. And dont forget to drop by Madame Tussaud to meet your favourite celebrities. 

*The pictures are not mine, all taken from official websites of the respective attractions.


Around Tokyo 2

I dont even know if saying ‘sorry’ would suffice. By looking at my blog stats, I know many of you come back every now and then to check whether I have updated the blog or not. I cant do mch cept to say that I will upate the blog more frequently, but  cant promise.

Anyway, this post was long due, I should have done it at least a week back but its finally here! 🙂

Tokyo Disney Land

Oh I wish I was able to visit a place like this 12-15 years back. I am definitely not saying I didnt enjoy my trip, but obviously it would have been great wen I was growing up with all the Disney characters. It would have been simply amazing if I could, back then, see all my favorite Disney characters leaping out of the television. Anyway, here are a few videos which we made during our stay there.

Palaces and Shrines

Street Performance

I dont think need to say much about this cept that it was completely beautiful.

Note: Btw, I have updated my previous post with a few pictures.

Around Tokyo I

The first impression

Skyscrapers, subway map that resembles a spider web and multiple levels of overhead bridges….the city is huge, very populated and intimidating to say the least. People are well dressed, fashion conscious, quite good looking and I even noticed a lot of people looking at me. I was quite confused initially but then I found out that it was nothing to be offended because they dont mean any harm when many of them tried to tell me  that they find people with our ‘type’ of features very attractive. Obviously, there were some who noticed me because of my hijab…and then some who thought I was an Arab, married to an Indian guy making them even more curious.


Staying 5 minutes away from this shopper’s paradise. Has all the brands and there are so many stores that it is here that I actually found out the meaning of ‘shop till you drop.’ As I said above, people most probably think of me as an Arab and I enjoy the attention by trying on everything that I find interesting. After all, all forms of shopping are great anti-depressants 😛

Bic Camera

If there’s heaven on earth, this must be it. Its an 8-storey electronics shop!!! Just name an electronic item/gadget and you’l find it here and the best thing about it is that its a duty free shop. And if you havent had a workout in days, you can definitely ‘try out’ a few fitness gadgets, once you are tired, you can also try one of the various electronic massage chairs 😉 After all, you are one of the potential buyers! (Well, dont think I was doing that…but was definitely thinking about a free massage 😛 )


Shopping area mainly….again u’l find lots and lots of brands. I try not to buy to much as all the brands are there in Singapore and it seems quite insane to be taking stuff from abroad which I can find easily near home in Singapore. The building, Roppongi Hills, also houses cinemas, art museums and also an observatory on the 52nd floor, not too high but still good enough.


Now this was quite a surprise for me that there are more than 20 mosques in Tokyo, a city where Islam is completely unnoticeable on the streets. I ended up going to the Tokyo Mosque which is part of an Islamic Center built and run by Turkish who have lived in Japan since the 1930s. Its a beautiful mosque to say the least inspired by the Ottoman architecture.

Obviously thats just about the first three days here in Tokyo. I’l be doing more posts on this trip, especially one with pictures; I have been taking quite a lot of pictures here.