K will go to school

Time flies.
My little K is now a big girl. Over 3 years of age masha allah. potty trained. capable of proper conversations over manicure sessions.
and now also big enough for school alhamdulilah.
we did not look around too much for the school. all we needed was a preschool that will be good enough to prepare for a local school.
we started looking online for preschools. our criteria was simple:
1. river valley road so that pick and drop will be easy.
2. local singaporean management so that K will study in ‘local’environment rather than international so that it will be easy for her to adjust in primary school
3. fees. ofcourse.
after spending few days on phone and internet we finalized 3 preschools to visit and after visiting all 3 of them we finally chose Little Skoolhouse International for the following reasons:
1. friendly principal
2. owned by ntuc
3. fees is not too low but not too high as well
4. teachers seemed friendly and caring
5. children looked happy and well taken care of
so we are now done with registration. K’s uniform should be with us in a few days. we just need to buy a water bottle, a school bag and a small towel. and oh yea i need to order name tags.
because the countdown has begun already 🙂


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