A constant topic of discussion

Nani: Gudiya per kisi ney koi jadoo kera dia hai
Ammi: Jadoo? Gudiya per? Kis ney Keraya? (who has so much time these days to actually even think about something like Jadoo!!!)
Nani: Tumhari kisi nand ney kera dia ho ga. (ofcourse susraals do this all the time; they must be pro at it by now)
Ammi: Hehe…us per jadoo kion karaein gey? Ashwaria Rai thodi hai koi (Hmmm…yea why waste time on someone other than Ash)
Nani: Nai tou aur kion woh shadi key liye han nai kerti!! (yay!!! case solved šŸ˜€ Another mystery is history!)


(watching TV..precisely the new Meezan Cooking Oil Ad)
Bhai: I dont get these bargain offers…buy 5 kgs of oil and get a sachet of limopani free
Ammi: Wat else do you want? A ‘doolha bhai’ specifically made for your paristan sey utri hui behan?
Bhai: Err…


  1. *rolls on the floor laughing out loud*

    Trust me, people do have time for jadoo. Otherwise all those Bengali babas would have starved to death.

    And who knows, Fair & Lovely might start a special offer some day: “Buy our new for a chance of winning a smashing groom! Yeh offer sirf mehdood muddat ke liye hai!

    What guy would like to become such a groom, by the way?

  2. Oops, it’s “Buy our new [insert cream/formula name] for a chance…”.

    WordPress mistook the less-than and greater-than symbols as HTML tags in my previous comment…

  3. hehe…. Thank Allah you were bn’t told:- “Get dressed, You are getting engaged! oh And wear that new suit I bought you.”

    Granted I knew and “was told before hand” that something was up…. uuhhh well no regrets. They were bound to catch the Mustang sooner or later.

  4. @ manudfanatic
    hehe…seems u can relate šŸ˜‰

    @ Saifullah
    I must thank Allah that my parents are not going to force me into a relationship ever..although they have tried to emotionally black mail me often

    @ PurpleDrifter
    lol yea she does…but sometimes she can get very sarcastic

  5. Ye bhi aya zehn main:

    “Gori Kream! .. special sachet pack .. Dikhaye 2 tarah se asar! 5 rupay ki bachat aur saath main aik anti-jadoo taweez muft, muft, muft. Tamam ganday danday manday sanday jadoo-tonay se chutkara! Kalay Jadoo ko sirf bhagaye Gori Kream! Aaj hi lijye is se pehle ke koi aap pe kala jadoo karey aap us pe apne goray rang ka jadoo kar den!”

  6. @ Absar
    oh emotional blackmailing is literally their weapon of mass destruction šŸ˜›

    @ Mahwash
    lol….it all seems so similar to the claims made in the fair and lovely ads šŸ˜‰

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